Haunted House

Pedro Fernández

Release 2

Haunted House is a remake of a 1979 game made by Device Oriented Games for the TRS-80 computer. Written for the 2011 Indigo speed-comp, it features an original plot over the classic game set-up. Its final, way more tested and polished, version is now publicly released for the 2016 Year of Adventure jam.

Haunted House was created with Inform and has IFID 5BDA0304-F351-4C18-9652-F7CFB1FD4B0C. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, among them Zoom for Mac OS X and for Unix; Windows Frotz or Windows Glulxe for Windows. Or you can play without downloading anything by following the 'Play In-Browser' link, using the Parchment interpreter. You'll need to have Javascript enabled on your web browser.